What is Novel and different aspects of the novel?

what is novel


It is one of the major types of Literature. Many of the great writers have written in this very particular genre. Here I will be discussing the definition of a novel as well as the aspect or element of the novel which is discussed by E.M Foster.


Simply a novel can be defined as it is a long narrative piece of literature or long narrative writing but in prose form. It is an extended piece of writing. Now in many of the places, scholars and different websites define the Novel, the use the word Fiction with it that it is the work of fiction. They consider the novel as fiction writing. Yes, up to some extent, and mostly it is fiction but not always.

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Fiction means an imaginative work but in the case of the novel, we have seen that there is an autobiographical novel and some other novels as well that is based on true stories. For example, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway is an autobiographical novel.

Elements or Aspects of Novel

Now we will be seeing the work of EM Foster in the field of novels. He has defined that with these very things, a novel should be written.

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Simply a plot is defined by E.M FOSTER as it is the arrangement of events in a proper manner or in a proper channel or in a proper sequence. A plot is different from a story, a story in chronological order or sequenced events. A story is time-based. There is that one event that is sequenced wise followed.

While on the other hand Plot is the logical sequence of events. A plot is based on causality. It is having cause and effect relation. One event is the leading cause of the upcoming events. The second event has happened because of the first event.
Now, what is the most important thing In both the story and the plot is conflict. Conflict is basically an issue or a battle or a dispute or any kind of opposition between.

There must be some problems and issues which need to be resolved. In both the story and plot. The conflict can be personal, religious social, political, etc. There are two major types of conflict. The first one is an external conflict in which there is a fight, problem between two groups of characters or forces. For example hero and villain.

The second type of conflict is an internal conflict in which the character is in a problem or we may say confusion in his own psychology or mind. He is at war with himself. He is in the state of to be or not to be. The best example of both external conflict and internal conflict is the drama hamlet.


The second aspect of the novel is characters which are defined Is these are the objects it may be humans, animals, or things that played different roles in a work assigned by the author. It is also known as a dramatic persona.

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Now we have two different categories of a character. Number one is a flat character in which the character does not go undergo any change and is unidimensional. Here in this very type of character, the characters remain the same throughout the play when did not change their behavior or its characteristics. It is also known as static character.

The second major category of character is around character anyways the character transforms the change. Here the transformation occurs in the mindset and in the behavior and in the characteristics of her character. It is multi-dimensional. It is also known as a dynamic character.

The other categories don’t forget actor is also there in which the characters are categorized on the best basis of it’s important. One is protagonist, antagonist, major character, a minor character, central character, supporting character, etc.


The third major aspect is the setting. Here the two basic things are there one is time and the other is place. By the time we did not mean that the exact time like 12:00 o’clock or 11:00 o’clock but it can be a month, year, date, climate, era, and in the place do not mean any specific place rather everywhere and all the places. For example, if there are horror scenes going on, what makes it a horror scene Obviously the darkness, the background music, there will be some old house in the nighttime and many more.

Point of narrative

Here we focus on from which perspective the Novel/story is narrated. Whether it is first person, Second person, or Third person narrative.

Note: First person is when the author itself a character in a story while a third person is when the author is not taking part in the story but still feels or experiences all the characters.

Style, Tone, Diction

These are the ways in which something is written or how the language is used. while the main goal is to present your information in an appropriate manner.


Simply we can that Theme is a message within a narrative that why the novel is written.

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