Business Plan You Don’t Want Your Friends to Know About

in today’s article, we are going to see how you can make a business plan and we will also make one so that would be easy for us to make any business plan format for free.

what is a business plan?

a business plan is simply a written document that provides evidence that how to achieve your goals. it is very important for any business to start. it actually tells you that where you are and where you will be in the future.

we make one of the business plans templates for you. now in order to read the plan, you guys will be able to know how you can make any business plan for free.

General overview of Business Plan

  • Office
  • Employee ( Computer Expert , Website runner , DIT , Error Fixer)
  • Minimum 10 – 15 Employee for receiving data
  • Make own email address, own website, WhatsApp number and all the necessaries.
  • Some websites are automatic sending Reply, make sure to get one
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  • Distribution of Employee.

1 for receiving data and managing data (online).

2 for hand submission of data

1 for maintenance

1 For cash receiving online

1 for hand-submitted cash.

1 for managing site making of it easier and easier to use and furthermore for the need.

Once you are done with location and operations, advertise your idea and approach way through social media, newspaper, or TV Channels.

  • Make the fee 500/_ apply

Replying within 24 hours to your customers whether an automatic reply is not received, ask customers to call on the number or mail or text us.


Whenever is the time of admission in Pakistan of metric or University sometimes students are unaware of the last date for admission or there are a lot of colleges and Universities to be applied for? For that purpose, students visited different universities not aware of the admissions criteria required. Visiting different Universities and colleges and applying for all of them consume time as well as money for the students.

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The idea is that make an office where we will be having the admission criteria of all the colleges and Universities. Students will send their information which will include their name, Father Name, CNIC number, phone number, email address, marks which will be of 10th or second year or maybe the desired University the student wants to apply more. We will make a kind of website for them where students will send their data on that particular website. When receiving their data we will get to know which particular University or college they are eligible for. For that, we will save their time and money. For example, the admission form for every University is approximately 1000 per head and they will apply to such universities where they are not eligible or not aware of their criteria so will be wasting their money.

General Overview:-

Business plans include business.

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1)  Overview and Objective

What if it’s already given above? Objectives will be in order to save the time of students as well as their money. Making an easy for them to sit home and know where to apply.

2) Office description

  • Making an office address location possible
  • Having computers or laptops, service, high speed internet facility.
  • Hiring of people having full command of Technology

Possibly make website

3) Products and services

The final outcome is that we will aware of the students on time admission

4) Opportunity

The best opportunity for students as well as for the people working with you to earn money and for having a great experience and in touch with the technology

Why Business Plan?

A business plan helps you in

  1. Guidance where you can help in staying yourself and your team on a particular goal.
  2. It helps you to make loans. Most of the banks review your business plan if it is helpful for them you can get a loan.

Now, what is Business Plan? What will be the steps to be followed? What are the questions that need answers for the business plan?

 1) Come up business idea

Already discussed previously

2) Do you research on business plan?

Answering the following questions

Start conducting research to flash out your business plan. Use your business plan to answer the questions others will have and how will it be successful.

Executive summary

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Starting a business plan with the following answering the questions:-

  1. What is your company’s mission
  2. What are your products and services
  3. What is company’s story
  4. What are plans for growth

Our mission for that we are to provide the students in order to apply for universities and Colleges. Our services will be like that are aware the students in two ways:

 1) Either to inform them directly within for example 24 hours through email or WhatsApp automatically

2) If the message did not come, ask the office through email or number for finding out your results.

Now the final question for growth is that advertise the website through news, newspaper, Ads for knowing people about your website. A lot of students qualified from Matric and Colleges so if they get to know about our website they will apply. The more they apply, the more we can expand our business

Company’s overview

 Giving out the details of your company answering the following question will help you in your business plan such as

1 What will business do?

2 What problems did it solve?

3 Who is your ideal customer?

4 How are you different from the competitor?

Our business will help students and aware them of admission easily saving time and money. Because some time every year of the last date is the admission criteria which can be a problem for them go to each University and ask about fees or criteria where all data of aqueous media institution will be available for them easily on our website. Our main customers are students qualified from Matric and Fsc for their admissions. Our office or website or business plan is that as far as I know the Photoshop or newspaper advertise the admissions but some people did not read the newspaper, advertisements but each and everyone is addicted to mobile. Secondly, there are no criteria for admission in such advertisement, not any reminder for them which our website or office will provide them.

Products and services

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Talking about services and products our office will provide to the customers or students parting questions will help in providing the detail of the business plan

  1. What will your office do?
  2. How will you make topic of that?
  3. What is pricing model?
  4. Comparison of pricing with others?

Our office will provide ease in admission to Colleges or Universities for the students. One admission form costs 1000/, so applying to all colleges or universities can cost a lot of money.

Our applying fee for a website will be 500/ which can be deposited through an Easypaisa account or by hand in our office. Once they deposit their fee they will be known by the criteria of each college or University so they will be free of all the admission charges for applying for all the universities.

For example, if one person is applying for three or four Universities so it will cost 4000/, but they will pay 500 for our office and we will guide them to apply for that University particularly which will cost them 1000/  so a total of 1500/ cost it is which is less than 4000/ help them spending less money

Market opportunity

Dealing with researching the market you should answer the following questions

  1. Size of your target market
  2. What is your competition?
  3. How will you set yourself in market?

The first one will analyze the market and what is the need actually. As we have analyzed that there is a problem for students in admission after that you should know how much area you want to cover starting up with just one city, Peshawar, where the entrepreneur will add all the universities including Peshawar University, NUML, Sarhad, and many more. Starting of business will be limited to just one city and then looking into the market if someone is already in that business or not. If yes then finding out the price tag and differentiation in the process somehow make things easy for the customers or for your students.

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Marketing plan

Here the following questions should be answered

  1. How will you make customers?
  2. Advertising efforts.
  3. How will you make yourself successful?

Today social media has taken over the world. The best way to be successful and to have more customers is your ads on social media more ever you have the option of print media that is newspaper and the TV channel as well.

Operational plan

This plan includes the location of office;-

  1. Staff
  2. Staff needed
  3. Working

As we have taken out this plan in city Peshawar, so the best place for your office will be University town which is the main. Here you can set up your office you will be in need of high-speed laptops, employees that have the command over running websites, your own servers in which you will have your data. Furthermore, the general overview of the business plan as discussed at the start, answering these following questions about your business plan, one can start the business.

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