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How many types of noun are in English Grammar?

Noun: Names of persons, places, animals, or things are called noun.Examples: Abdal, Peshawar, Lion, chair, etc. in the following sentence …
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7 Factors that Influence Language – Sociolinguistics

Sociolinguistics: Sociolinguistics is the branch of linguistics that deals with the study of language in relation tosociety. (OR) The study …
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Forensic Stylistics

Stylistics and its Types

Stylistics and Style: First of all, we will be defining “Style” by giving examples also, and then we will move …
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10 Things Only Experts Know About borrowing Urdu from Arabic

10 Things Only Experts Know About borrowing Urdu from Arabic

Loaning of words is a common linguistic phenomenon that is adopted by almost all the languagesof the world, the concept …
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what is novel

What is Novel and different aspects of the novel?

Novel It is one of the major types of Literature. Many of the great writers have written in this very …
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cold war

What exactly was the Cold War?

It happened between USA and USSR in 1945 -90 and it referred as cold war During World War II, the …
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kyoto protocol

What is Kyoto Protocol explain? | UNFCCC

INTRODUCTION: The Kyoto Protocol was a global treaty that was endorsed in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes …
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paris agreement on climate change

Paris Agreement on Climate change by UNFCC

Introduction: In Paris on December 12, 2015, nations embraced a peaceful accord to address environmental change that requires further discharges …
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pashtu and bannu dialect

What are the vocabulary differences between the Bannu and Peshawar dialects?

Introduction: In order to communicate or to share thoughts or to share ideas, one must use any medium to do …
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Alfred Lord Tennyson

Lotos eaters by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Alfred Lord Tennyson Is the most prominent Victorian poet. He had a very long literary career. The Spain of his …
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What is the liberal approach to international relations?

Difference between Realist and Liberal approach to IR

Realist and Liberal approach to IR: Realist and Liberals have always been in discussion about their policies of the International …
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william wordsworth

poetic theory of Wordsworth in preface to lyrical ballads

Introduction: William Wordsworth was an English poet, the dominant figure of Romanticism. Wordsworth was born in 1770, Wordsworth and his …
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What is the aim of UNFCCC?

UNFCCC (INTRODUCTION): UNFCCC represents a united countries structure show on environmental change. UNFCCC set up a worldwide natural deal to …
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borrowing from pashto to urdu language

Borrowing in Pashto from the Urdu language

Introduction: Every language has taken in absorbed words jorgan terminology from different languages through a process and that process is …
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society influence language

How do culture and society influence language use?

Sociolinguistics: Socio: It means Society (a group of people sharing a common language, tradition, institution, culture, etc). Linguistic: Linguistics is …
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Uses of  is/ am/ are/ was/ were/ has/ have/ had/ has been/ had been/ have been | Helping verbs

Helping Verbs: Uses of is/ am/ are/ was/ were/ has/ have/ had/ has been/ had been/ have been First of …
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Top 10 Things You’ve Never Heard about Top 10 Pubg Players

PUBG: What’s come in your mind when you heard the word (pubg) for the first time or do you know …
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The impact of contact on stigmatizing attitudes towards people with mental illness

in this very article, we are going to review the following research article based on the impact of contact on …
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Business Plan You Don’t Want Your Friends to Know About

in today’s article, we are going to see how you can make a business plan and we will also make …
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batman as a superhero

How did Batman become Batman?

Batman: In this very article, I’ll talk about how did Batman become a Batman? or what makes Batman a superhero? …
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